Colour: Rich amber gold with shimmering sandy bottom highlights.

Nose: Warm and inviting. The hand of time has truly nurtured this noble spirit as enriching nuances of Seville oranges, bergemot, honeyed pear and fleshy mangos flaunt themselves in an elegant manner. This rhapsody of sensual sophistication continues as whispers of ginger spice, jasmine, crushed almonds and liquorice seduce the senses.

Taste: This hedonistic harmony of passion is reflected on the palate. Rich and intense flavours of Old English marmalade, glazed apple, creamy caramel and marzipan drift lovingly over the tongue. The aftertaste of figs, forest fruits, treacle and apricots completes this overture of pleasure.

However, to fully appreciate the spirit’s outstanding attributes, it must be held long in the mouth. The longer it is retained, the more of the spirits hidden treasures will shine forth on your palate. This is indeed pure liquid gold.

It surely must be comforting to know that the same principles of the “Syndicate” Blend which was laid down in Leith all those years ago by that group of dedicated men, are still being traditionally followed to this day.

Long may it continue!

Slainte Mhath