The Syndicate

The late Donald Smith and Alastair McIntosh, respectively Chairman and Managing Director of William Muir (Bond 9) Limited, gradually built up the Syndicate over the years and by the mid 1980’s the Syndicate had expanded significantly.

The members, who came from all over the United Kingdom, were personal friends or friends of friends. It had grown into an exclusive and highly discerning club made up of individuals who really appreciated and enjoyed the blend.

The late Christopher Lloyd, a member of Syndicate 58/6 and famous for his horticultural literature and gardens at Great Dixter, when interviewed on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs chose as his one luxury item a case of Syndicate whisky!

The 1st image shown opposite is taken from an original etching made in 1970 and depicts         Donald Smith (front right) and Alastair McIntosh (front left) celebrating with the other 4 founding members of the Syndicate.

The 2nd image is of Christopher Lloyd’s study at Great Dixter. You may notice a bottle of Syndicate, together with ice bucket and glass, conveniently placed for ease of access…